Pediatric Dentistry helps establish healthy habits early! | Dr. Parnaik

Many adults suffer from dental anxiety that is often the result of either a bad experience at the dentist or a fear of the dentist that developed in childhood. Dr. Poorva Parnaik, a family dentist practicing in Medford, NJ, encourages parents to begin bringing their children in for routine preventive care visits at the age of 4.

Children are as likely to develop cavities as adults, and early intervention can mean a more conservative treatment. Routine visits also offer the opportunity for a child to develop a comfortable relationship with Dr. Parnaik and her staff, all of whom are experienced in treating children.

Dr. Parnaik is active in her community, seeking to educate young patients on the value of good oral hygiene and maintaining healthy teeth and gums. Recently, she and her staff visited a local Kinder Care to talk to the children and answer their questions. They were well received and the presentation was enjoyed by all! One of the testimonials from their visit says it all:

photoTo Miss Lori, Miss Terri & Dr. Parnaik:

Thank you for everything. You are so nice. You know everything about teeth. Thank you for taking good care of me.

From one of our pediatric patients, Grace

Children are also more likely to establish long lasting oral hygiene habits when they see their parents doing the same- Dr. Parnaik offers the convenience of seeing all members of the family in the same office- the kids can come visit her along with their parent or caregiver!

Contact Dr. Parnaik at her Medford dental office and schedule a consultation for the whole family!