Oral Hygiene Medford, NJ

A Healthy Body Starts with a Healthy Mouth

Everyone has bacteria. Some are good, some are bad. Some types of bacteria can contribute to, or be a sign of, a serious health concern. When oral bacteria are out of balance, they can impact the total health of the body.

To achieve optimal oral health, you must brush twice a day, floss once a day and visit your dentist at least twice a year. Choosing the right dentist can make a dramatic difference in your oral health. For Dr. Poorva Parnaik, dentistry is an extension of overall health. She treats her patients as a complete person to help them have a beautiful smile, healthy lifestyle and personal happiness.

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Oral Health With Dr. Parnaik

A visit to Dental Creations is bound to be unlike any other visit to the dentist you’ve ever had. Dr. Parnaik is one of the most comprehensive programs oral health and wellness programs in the Philadelphia region.

A visit with Dr. Parnaik includes several components including a screening for tooth decay, gum disease, oral cancer, TMJ dysfunction and occlusal concerns. One of the newest aspects of Dr. Parnaik’s oral health regimen is a screening for oral infection and assessment of oral bacteria.

Bacteria and Oral Infection
Bacteria lives in the mouth in biofilm, which is found on virtually every surface of the mouth including the teeth, gums, tongue and cheeks. In some cases, harmful bacteria can become dominant and wreak havoc on the mouth, causing sore bleeding gums and bad breath.

Oral Infection Screening
Using a special toothpick-like instrument, Dr. Parnaik will check for bleeding points in the gums to determine a bleeding index. She also evaluates the color and texture of gums, measures periodontal pockets and uses a special disclosing agent to identify where bacteria are concentrated.

Dr. Parnaik also takes a culture of biofilm which is sent to a special laboratory to determine which types of bacteria are present. The resulting report is analyzed and if significant levels of bacteria are present, Dr. Parnaik will prescribe a special antibiotic rinse.

Bacteria can’t, and shouldn’t, be eliminated entirely, but the suspension type rinse can help bring the bacteria levels into balance and make a significant impact on oral infection.

Importance of Oral Infection Screening
The oral infection screening is an important tool that can:

  • Control Gingivitis
  • Prevent Advanced Gum Disease
  • Improve Bad Breath
  • Promote total body health