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People choose cosmetic dental procedures for various reasons – to repair a defect such as a malformed bite or crooked teeth, treat an injury, or just improve their overall appearance. For these and many other reasons, cosmetic dentistry has become a vital and important part of the dental profession and one of the fastest growing areas of dentistry.

While many dentists offer cosmetic dentistry in their offices, few take the same approach as Medford dentist Dr. Poorva Parnaik, which is creating a beautiful smile by achieving optimal health and stability. Often times, a cosmetic dental concern is a symptom of an underlying issue with either the health or function of the masticatory system. When the teeth don’t make proper contact, they wear each other down. If tooth decay or gum disease are present, it can cause teeth to breakdown.

Cosmetic dentists in Medford, New Jersey

Is Cosmetic Dentistry Right For You?

Whether you want a dramatic transformation or a subtle change, Dr. Parnaik can help you with a personalized cosmetic dentistry treatment plan. Common cosmetic dental procedures can be performed to correct misshaped, discolored, chipped or missing teeth. Dr. Parnaik can also change the overall shape of teeth – from teeth that are too long or short, have gaps, or simply need to be reshaped.

Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures
We offer many cosmetic dental procedures including:

Choosing the Right Cosmetic Dentist

Dr. Parnaik, cosmetic dentist in Medford NJWhen it comes to cosmetic dentistry, one of the most important decisions you will make is which dentist you choose. She follows a comprehensive process for cosmetic dentistry to ensure that patients get the results they want in a budget they can afford.

At Dental Creations, we use an advanced technology called “Smile-Vision” to help patients see their results simply by having a photograph taken. Smile-Vision is a computerized system that uses special software to digitize the results of your proposed treatment. You will have the opportunity to discuss your preferences with Dr. Parnaik before treatment begin and easing any hesitation that normally comes with considering a cosmetic dental procedure.

Located in Medford, Dr. Poorva Parnaik is an experienced cosmetic dentist serving Voorhees, Mount Laurel, Cherry Hill, Marlton, Moorestown and Mount Holly New Jersey. Dental Creations is easy to get to for patients traveling from Philadelphia and other surrounding cities.

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If you are looking for a cosmetic dentist in the Philadelphia area, consider Dental Creations, LLC in Medford, NJ. You can be sure that Dr. Poorva Parnaik will consider your needs and goals and help you create a smile that is healthy, beautiful and long lasting.

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