Restorative Dentistry Medford, NJ

Restorative dentistry is crucial to any patient’s long-term dental care, as most patients will someday need this type of intervention to protect and extend the life of their teeth.

Dr. Poorva Parnaik is one of the most experienced dentists in Medford, New Jersey for all forms of restorative and interventional dentistry. At Dental Creations, we utilize physical examinations, diagnostic imaging and patient histories to reach the most accurate and helpful diagnosis possible.

Our Restorative Dentistry Services

Our office is conveniently located in Medford, NJ, easy to get to for patients in Philadelphia and other surrounding cities. Some of the services that Dr. Parnaik offers include:

  • Dental fillings – One of the most common forms of restorative dentistry, dental fillings are one treatment that most patients experience over the course of their life. Dr. Parnaik is able to customize fillings to meet the needs of her patients, using gold, composite resin, or porcelain to create the best possible results.
  • Root Canals – This more invasive treatment involves the removal of pulp tissue that has become infected within the tooth itself. Dr. Parnaik works with a local endodontist to eliminate infected tissue and then covers the tooth with a dental crown for long lasting protection.
  • Laser Dentistry – Dr. Parnaik is one of the most experienced dentists in Medford, NJ for laser dentistry. In many cases, we are able to replace the use of a drill with a gentler and less invasive procedure.
  • Dry Mouth Treatment – Dr. Parnaik recommends MI Pastes for her patients with dry mouth and several other dental concerns. These pastes provide safe and natural strengthening of teeth and restore a comfortable level of moisture to the mouth.
  • TMJ Therapy – For patients with TMJ pain, Dr. Parnaik offers Aqualizer self-adjusting oral splints, which provide natural and automatic relief. These fluid systems help create the the most stable and balanced bite possible while remaining minimally invasive.

restorative dentistry in Medford, New Jersey