Meet Medford NJ Dentist Dr. Poorva Parnaik

Medford, NJ Dentist

Dr. Poorva Parnaik is a general dentist in Medford, NJ. She has experience in all phases of general and cosmetic dentistry and is focused on helping patients maintain healthy, long lasting, beautiful smiles.

Dr. Parnaik’s passion for dentistry is obvious and one of the reasons why patients are drawn to her Medford dental office. Dr. Parnaik takes pride in serving her patients by preventing dental disease and promoting beauty and wellness. While also considering her patients over-all health, Dr. Parnaik educates her patients on proper nutrition and vitals such as, blood pressure are checked at every preventive visit. Her dedication continues even after you leave the office, as she personally follows up with her patients to address any questions they may have after treatment.

Dental Training & Education

Dr. Poorva Parnaik received her dental degree from Boston University, in 2006. She brings a world of knowledge to patients as a dentist in Medford, NJ, as prior to completing her education at Boston University; she practiced dentistry in India and was a dental assistant in Canada.

Dr. Parnaik believes in the importance of continuing education and stays on the leading edge of dentistry through advanced training courses. She is a student of Spear Dentistry, one of the most innovative dental education facilities. Spear training focuses on helping dentists achieve a higher level of skill and experience.

In addition, Dr. Parnaik is an Associate Fellow of the Laser World Institute, the largest dental laser education organization.