Medford NJ Dentist Office Technology

Dr. Poorva Parnaik has incorporated a number of technologies into her Medford, NJ dental office to provide patients with the highest level of care and comfort. The technology we use helps to arrive at more accurate diagnosis and provide quicker, less painful treatments.

WaterLase Dental Laser

Laser Dentistry Medford NJWaterLase is an innovative dental laser that uses a unique interaction of laser beam and high powered water spray which cuts, etches and shapes targeted tissues without contact, heat, vibration or pressure. Many procedures in our Medford dental office can be aided by WaterLase technology which can reduce the need for anesthetic.

WaterLase technology has the potential to reduce the risk of cross-contamination between patients. The laser energy kills bacteria and the WaterLase works without contacting the tooth. In addition, its flawless tip surface does not harbor debris or bacteria like abrasive surface of burs and files.

The Wand Anesthesia Delivery System

For dental procedures that require numbing, computerized technology now provides an alternative to standard injections. The Wand is essentially a computer-controlled dental injection. The flow rate of the local anesthetic is controlled by the computer. This means that the injection is guaranteed to be slow and steady and therefore comfortable. Most people who have had a bad experience with injections think that needles sting because the skin is pierced, but this is usually not so! Most often, the sting was caused because the anesthetic was fired in too quickly. The Wand has a pen-like syringe and is even held like a pen by Dr. Parnaik, which makes it less intimidating. No wonder our patients call it their Magic Wand!

Intraoral Camera

“A picture is worth a thousand words.” The intraoral camera allows you to see areas inside your mouth by providing an enlarged, color image you can view on a monitor. The image is transferred to the screen through a small toothbrush size camera, held in your mouth by Dr. Parnaik, or a trained staff member. By having a clear view of specific areas in your mouth, you can have a better understanding of Dr. Parnaik’s diagnosis and have more participation in treatment decisions.

iTero Scanner

This handheld device is used chairside to take digital impressions. The iTero scanner is part of your Invisalign process and may also be used for treatment planning in cosmetic or restorative cases. Convenient and comfortable, the scanner delivers immediate high-resolution digital images without the need for messy impression trays.

Advanced Sterilization Systems

Your safety is a priority; therefore Dr. Parnaik is highly-committed to providing a worry-free environment for her patients. Our practice utilizes an advanced heat sterilization system that exceeds safety and health standards required by OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration) and the CDC (Center For Disease Control). In addition, the practice utilizes a water purification system that controls bacterial levels in water lines that form when using community water sources. This water purification system is an added advantage to protecting your health.


Velscope Oral Cancer DetectionOral Cancer is more common in North America then Cervical Cancer. It can be disfiguring and claims one North American life every hour of everyday. Most likely that’s due to the fact that it usually goes un-detected until it reaches an advanced stage. Oral cancer is a disease that can strike almost anyone. In addition to tobacco and alcohol user, any person who is sexually active is at risk of developing the disease. This is why health experts recommend that all adults receive an oral cancer exam on at least an annual basis.

VELscope, is a system used to conduct more oral cancer exams than any other adjunctive device in the world. Dr. Parnaik uses VELscope, as part of her oral cancer screening. The device uses fluorescence visualization to detect cancerous and pre-cancerous cells in the oral cavity. This screening test may increase the survival rate to as much as 90 percent. Velscope, is an FDA, approved device, it’s an easy, noninvasive way to detect early oral, or mouth cancers, before they get to the advanced stage.

This screening test may increase the survival rate to as much as 90 percent. All you have to do is go for your regular dental checkup. The new Velscope, recently cleared by the FDA, is an easy, noninvasive way to detect early oral, or mouth cancers, before they get to the advanced stage. If a cancer is suspected, a quick biopsy can be done. Patients report the test to be thorough and painless.

Diagnodent Laser Caries Detection System

Diagnodent Tooth Cavity DetectionFor generations, dentists have had to probe teeth for holes and view bitewing X-rays to detect decay. Digital x-rays have improved the quality of x-rays and the use of computer program tools such as, flashlight and zoom have helped dentist to diagnose cavities 75% of the time. However, it is particularly difficult to diagnose decay on the chewing surfaces of back teeth until decay is deep inside. The longer decay is present in the tooth, the more damage occurs. Early treatment often helps patients avoid crowns needed to repair large cavities and some root canals. To help our patients avoid major treatment, our office uses Diagnodent Laser Caries Detection System. With the use of Diagnodent, Dr. Parnaik is able to diagnose cavities before they have a chance to develop into a problem. She has therefore, been able to help many of her patients avoid large fillings which diminish tooth structure. The Diagnodent uses laser fluorescence to disclose the invisible. With 90-95% accuracy, Diagnodent uses a painless light that scans the grooves and cracks of teeth.
When decay is encountered, a readout is displayed and an audible signal emitted from the base unit. This technology helps to maximize patient comfort and avoid little problems from becoming big ones.

Smile Vision Computerized Imaging

Many people are self-conscious about their teeth and their smile, but are hesitant to agree to cosmetic dentistry because they’re unsure of the results. At Dental Creations, you can see how you will look with cosmetic smile enhancements simply by having your photograph taken!
Dr. Parnaik and her team offer “Smile-Vision” which is a computer system that uses a photograph taken of you to recreate your smile. The “after photo” of your new smile gives you the chance to see how cosmetic dentistry will not only enhance your smile, but your overall appearance will be improved, thus giving you more confidence and self-esteem. Additionally, it gives patients the opportunity to discuss their preferences and options before treatment begins. With Smile-Vision, you can picture yourself with the perfect smile — literally!