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Cosmetic Concerns Medford, NJ

As a cosmetic dentist, Dr. Poorva Parnaik is focused on helping patients feel more confident about their smiles. Many cosmetic dental concerns are caused by underlying functional or health problems. Dr. Parnaik will address these issues to achieve comfortable, long lasting, natural-looking results.

By bringing together the best techniques of modern dentistry, Dr. Parnaik is able to bring out the natural beauty of each patient’s smile, which will in turn accent the rest of their face. This brings out confidence that spills over into every aspect of a patient’s life. The resulting smile helps present patients to the rest of the world in the best light, creating great first impressions and bringing tremendous satisfaction to patients and dentist alike.

Cosmetic Dentistry Before & After

Before Dental Crown Treatment After Dental Crown Treatment
This patient came to our Medford dental office, concerned about the space between her upper front teeth. She had a considerable amount of dental work done previously. Her fillings were discolored and crumbling at the margins.

Dr. Parnaik used porcelain (metal-free) dental crowns to restore the front teeth, stabilizing the tooth structure and closing the unsightly gap.

Cosmetic Dentistry Can Improve Health & Stability

In addition to improving the look and shape of the teeth, many of the procedures offered by Dr. Parnaik may improve the overall health of the mouth as well. These procedures may prevent and fix long-term oral problems, such as jaw alignment or bite, which may often result in negative effects such as headaches.

Though these problems may not always seem serious, they can truly become dangerous and painful over time. The treatments that Dr. Parnaik provides may also prevent additional damage to teeth by protecting the existing enamel, strengthening it and making it more resistant to damage.


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30 Jackson Road
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