Replace Missing Teeth in Medford, NJ 

Replace missing teeth in medford njAre you missing a tooth? If so, Dental Creations offers the restorative dentistry options you need to revitalize your smile. Our Medford, NJ dentist office offers many tooth replacement options that will meet your needs. If you need to replace missing teeth in Medford, NJ, learn more about how our office can help you restore your smile:

Replace Missing Teeth in Medford, NJ

Missing teeth create a cascade of other concerns for your overall dental health. Patients with missing teeth are often embarrassed by the cosmetic concerns caused by missing teeth. In addition to cosmetic concerns, missing teeth also put patients are risk of experiencing additional dental concerns such as tooth decay or gum disease. Because our teeth are designed to work together when preforming daily tasks like chewing or speaking, a missing tooth places additional strain on your remaining teeth and puts them at an increased risk of becoming worn down or damaged.

Whether you are missing one tooth or a full mouth of teeth, Dr. Parnaik can help you restore your smile with our tooth replacement options. For patients who are missing a full arch of teeth, Dr. Parnaik will recommend either dentures or partials to restore overall functionality. Patients with one missing tooth will need to choose between dental implants and dental bridges. While both options effectively replace missing teeth, they each come with different long-term and short-term benefits. Talk with Dr. Parnaik to figure out which tooth replacement option will best meet your needs and goals.

Patient Review of Dental Creations

“I’ve just completed a major round of dental work. I don’t usually spend time on social media writing recommendations, but I must make an exception in this case. Dr Parnaik and her staff guided me through a very difficult dental reconstruction, and I could not be more pleased. Prior to Dr Parnaik I was a long standing patient of her predecessor and after this dental journey, I am in awe of her talents and her attention to detail. Her and her staff’s concern for my welfare cause me to write this recommendation and give them a huge thank you.” – Shelley G. 

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