3 Common Snacks To Avoid

Healthy Snacks Healthy SmileDuring the COVID-19 crisis, a lot of people around the world have been stuck at home. Many of our patients have reached out to us and want to know what they can do to continue taking care of their dental health during this time. The best thing you can do for your smile is to eat a healthy diet. As your trusted dentist in Medford, NJ, we want to provide you with information on what snacks to avoid keeping around your home. The following snacks are notoriously tough on your teeth:


Gummy or chewy candies are very bad for your teeth. Not only are they loaded with sugar but they also provide very little benefit to your overall health. They do not contain the necessary vitamins and minerals that help keep you healthy and strong. When you chew on a piece of candy, you can feel the sugary residue getting stuck against your tooth surfaces. This residue easily gets trapped into the crevices of your smile, making it hard to remove even with a good brushing and flossing session. If candy residue remains on your teeth too long, it easily hardens into plaque and tartar which must be professionally removed by a dentist. A better snack to reach for would be apple slices. Apple slices have natural-sweetening agents which have been known to freshen your breath while also containing high amounts of Vitamin C.

Potato Chips

Potato chips can be just as bad for your teeth as a bowl of candy. This is because chips contain a lot of starches that can be broken down into sugars. These sugars attach themselves to your teeth and can cause tooth decay. Additionally, chips are very crunchy. For our patients who experience jaw pain or TMJ disorders, this makes potato chips especially tough on the jawbone. You should replace potato chips with an easier to chew snack like cheese. Cubed cheese, sliced cheese, or string cheese are all great alternatives. They are also full of calcium, which your teeth need to be healthy and strong.


Beverages like soda, coffee, and tea usually contain enough sugars to be considered a snack. These beverages contain staining agents that attach to your teeth surfaces and dull your smile. As we age, it is natural for our teeth to yellow over time due to the foods and drinks that we consume. However, to slow this process down, you should avoid these drinks or only indulge in them if you can use a straw. Additionally, soda contains a lot of carbonated acids that wear down your teeth enamel. This can lead to excess sensitivity in the future.

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