Your Dental Health During COVID-19 Crisis

The coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis is an ongoing issue affecting all aspects of our lives. As this crisis develops, Dental Creations of Medford NJ is continuing to monitor it and update our policies and procedures accordingly. We want to keep you informed on our response to the COVID-19 crisis in addition to how you can continue to care for your dental health during these stressful times.

Dr. Poorva Parnaik’s Response to COVID-19

As we all are watching the world change by the minute, the well-being of our patients and employees remains our highest priority. We are continually monitoring the progress of the coronavirus (COVID-19) and following information from various medical professionals, the Centers for Disease Control (, and the World Health Organization (

We currently have an advanced protocol for our team members to protect against transmission of viruses, including and not limited to hand-washing protocols and frequent use of hand sanitizers containing at least 60% alcohol. In addition, we have implemented an enhanced cleaning of high-touch areas throughout our office. We have also removed nonessential items from countertops and tables to eliminate their potential for contamination.

We will continue monitoring coronavirus (COVID-19) updates and will respond based on the advice of public health authorities and the circumstances in our communities. We encourage our patients to contact us if they have any questions about their upcoming dentist appointment.

How You Can Help

Stress can have a variety of negative effects on your oral health. We want our patients to continue practicing excellent oral hygiene throughout this crisis to ensure that future dental concerns can be limited and avoided. Some tips for ensuring this additional stress does not impact your oral health include:

  • Maintain Good Dental Hygiene – Brushing and flossing your teeth at least twice a day can go a long way in preventing dental health concerns. When you keep your teeth clean, you are reducing the number of harmful bacteria on your teeth surfaces. During stressful times, we often see patients neglect their dental hygiene routines. We strongly encourage you to prioritize your dental health even under high stress to avoid even more stressful dental concerns in the future.
  • Maintain a Healthy Diet – Sticky and sugary foods can be a go-to for many patients under high-stress. However, it’s important to keep in mind that while these foods might make you feel good in the moment, they are actually bad for your teeth. Monitor your intake of hard candies, soda, coffee, and citrus fruits during this time. Additionally, avoid the use of tobacco products.
  • Relax Your Jaw – Teeth grinding and jaw clenching are common responses to high-stress situations. We know it can be difficult to relax these days; however, practicing mindfulness can help. Leave yourself small reminders around your home to relax your jaw and facial muscles. Do some gentle jaw exercises to release the tension in your facial muscles throughout the day. This will help you avoid negative symptoms of teeth grinding like headaches, jaw pain, and earaches. At your next appointment, make sure to mention your teeth grinding to Dr. Parnaik.

If you are looking for a dentist in Medford, NJ, please schedule an appointment with us online. We look forward to providing you with high-quality dental care.