All About Sedation Dentistry

Portrait of happy patient in dental chair. Whether you have a fear of going to the dentist or are in need of a lengthy dental treatment, Medford dentist Dr. Poorva Parnaik offers sedation dentistry to help you feel comfortable and relaxed. Many patients benefit from the use of sedation dentistry to get through their dental procedure. Sedation dentistry uses state of the art sedation medicine to help patients feel relaxed and experience minimal discomfort or pain during their treatment.Sedation dentistry is great for patients who:

  • have tooth sensitivity
  • have a strong gag reflex
  • have dental fear or anxiety

Dr. Panaik is focused on providing exceptional treatment in a comfortable environment. If you experience dental anxiety that prevents you from regularly visiting the dentist, visit Dental Creations in Medford, NJ. Dr. Parnaik will work with you to develop a plan and treatment that is right for you.

Sedation Dentistry Options in Medford, NJ

Dr. Parnaik is an experienced dentist and a member of Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation (DOCS). Dr. Parnaik offers few different types of sedation options in office. She offers both oral conscious sedation and nitrous oxide. Oral conscious sedation is administered through a pill. Patients report feeling relaxed and comfortable during their procedure. Most patients have no recollection of their dental treatment.Nitrous oxide is a popular form of sedation. Nitrous oxide is more commonly known as ‘laughing gas.’ Nitrous oxide is administered through a specially fitted mask. The effects of nitrous oxide only last as long as the mask is one. Once the mask is removed, nitrous oxide is no longer effective.

Dr. Parnaik is licensed by the New Jersey State Board to offer sedation dentistry in her Medford dental office. Dr. Parniak takes patients safety a top priority during treatment. We constantly monitor patients vitals during their treatment to ensure they are normal during their procedure. We encourage patients to visit our Medford Dental office. At Dental Creations, we will work with you to develop a plan that is right for you. Schedule an appointment online or give us a call at 609.365.0673