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dv1617008Cosmetic and family dentist Dr. Poorva Parnaik approaches dental care with compassion and dedication to providing comprehensive, conservative and personal treatment plans. Dr. Parnaik and our entire Medford, NJ dental care team work together to give our patients a uniquely comfortable dental experience.

Our patients are why we do what we do. We love hearing their success stories and watching as the gain confidence in their beautiful and healthy smiles.

Compassionate and Efficient Dental Care

Thanks to Dr. Parnaik and staff for fitting me in today! Definitely the best dentist I have ever experienced!! It’s nice to know if there is ever an issue, Dental Creations is there to help! Dave S.

Dr. Parnaik is a very compassionate and extremely professional with a great sense of humor. I recommend her for anyone that is fearful of injections and or has instilled fears caused by previous negative experiences. Her gentle and pain free approach is “OUT OF THIS WORLD” and her articulate work habits are the results of excellent dentistry. I never had such a great experience at any Dental office THANK YOU!!! Dr. Parnaik Annette D.

Advanced Dental Care for Complex Oral Health Cases

I needed gum rejuvenation & the conventional way meant taking tissue from your palate & stitching it onto your gums; which is very painful & a long healing process. Dr. Parnaik’s new method is virtually painless & the following day you go back to eating normally. I felt very comfortable with her & her explanation of the procedure & her staff is very professional. I would highly recommend her to anyone & have If anyone has any questions about this procedure please contact Dr Parnaik for my information & I’d be more than happy to discuss with you. Anthony R.

Personalized Dental Care

I have lived with a lifetime phobia of the dentist and as a result, it was often numerous years in between visits and the visits would only occur when something major happened and I had to overcome that fear. Dr. Parnaik has eliminated that life-long fear in a few short visits. I cannot say enough positive things about Dr. Parnaik and her staff. From the first time I met them their kind, easy going and approachable manner put me at ease. Furthermore, it was the first time I ever felt like I was on a team making the decisions regarding what procedures to have completed. The staff consistently makes sure you are comfortable and they “spoil” you in any way possible. In addition to the easy going nature of Dr. Parnaik, she does amazing work! Due to my phobia, I never had the best teeth or the nicest smile and I was always self-conscious about these things. Dr. Parnaik has given me a beautiful smile that I can’t believe is mine! I never thought I would find the day when I found a dentist that I felt comfortable enough to see on a regular basis, but after working with Dr. Parnaik for six weeks I have already scheduled my follow up an appointment for a cleaning in four months. Dr. Parnaik would receive my highest recommendation to anyone looking for a dentist.

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Contact our Medford dentist office to schedule your one – on -one consultation with Dr. Parnaik. Dr. Parnaik will take the time to hear your cosmetic concerns and will work with you to build a personalized treatment plan that will keep your teeth and gums bright and healthy. We welcome new and returning patients of all ages.