Smile Vision technology can let you see your “future self”

How often have you wondered what a cosmetic dental procedure could do to change your overall appearance? 495780253

Medford cosmetic dentist Dr. Poorva Parnaik offers her patients this unique opportunity as part of treatment planning with Smile-Vision technology. This imaging software enables her to show patients how a potential procedure could change their smile and overall appearance, enabling them to make more informed decisions about their dental health care. With Smile-Vision, Dr. Parnaik can answer the common question patients have when considering a cosmetic procedure: “what will I look like after treatment?”

Cosmetic dentistry offers today’s dental patients a wide range of treatment options that can both enhance their natural smile and benefit oral health: it is common for a cosmetic issue to be the result of an underlying dental health problem. Dr. Parnaik takes the time with each patient to examine their occlusal system before recommending treatment, seeking to ensure that they have results that meet expectations and are lasting.

Dr. Parnaik believes that a beautiful smile is a balance between function and aesthetics: a cosmetic treatment may not bring the desired, lasting results if an undiagnosed dental problem is not corrected in the process.

Dr. Parnaik seeks to be a partner in her patients’ heath care, educating them on good oral hygiene practices, proper nutrition and taking the time during preventive care visits to understand their overall health and personal concerns.

Ready for a peek into the future? Visit Dr. Parnaik in Medford and see what a cosmetic dental treatment will enhance your smile!