There are options for dental fillings! Dr. Parnaik, Medford

Dental fillings are one of the most common procedures performed in any dentist’s office: they are commonly used to restore a decayed tooth to normal function and prevent future decay in an effort to keep a patient’s natural tooth and maintain oral health.

Dental fillings can also be used for minor cosmetic issues, including cracks, chips, worn edges and small gaps between teeth. Replacing dark fillings that are in the smile zone can brighten up a patient’s smile!

During a typical dental filling procedure, Dr. Parnaik will remove all decayed material from a tooth, clean out the area and then fill it in with one of several compound options to restore the tooth and seal any cracks or open spaces where bacteria could enter. The composite use for the filling will be determined by several factors: the severity of decay, the location of the tooth, the desired appearance, and a patient’s budget. In severe cases, Dr. Parnaik may recommend the use of a dental crown or suggest root canal therapy to save the tooth and prevent further decay. Dr. Parnaik will take the time to determine the most suitable treatment, ensuring comfortable and long term results for his patients.

There are several types of dental fillings offered by Dr. Poorva Parnaik at Dental Creations in Medford:

Composite resin fillings: also called “white fillings”, this is the customized cosmetic filling that is often recommended to replace old, dark fillings that are in the smile zone for a more natural appearance or as part of a smile makeover.
Porcelain fillings: these are custom made inlays or onlays created in a dental lab and customized to match a patient’s natural tooth color.
Gold fillings: although gold fillings are the most expensive option, they are recommended for the larger teeth at the back of the mouth because of their long term durability.
Amalgam fillings: these “silver” fillings are both cost effective and durable, but often cause the tooth to appear dark or stained and are not recommended for fillings in the smile zone.

Contact Dr. Parnaik at Dental Creations if you think you may need a filling or want to discuss cosmetic options to replace old, dark fillings.