A healthy mouth is important for overall health! | Dental Creations

Recent studies have consistently shown that our oral health can have a direct effect on our overall health with poor dental health being linked to cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and even an increased risk of stroke.

These connections prove the importance of good oral hygiene, including regular visits to Dr. Parnaik’s Medford dental office, Dental Creations, for twice yearly dental cleanings and exams. Dr. Parnaik emphasizes the connections between our oral and overall health and wellness, and will take the time during each routine care visit to discuss a patient’s health concerns, take their blood pressure and will also follow up with their regular physician of there are any concerns.

Dr. Parnaik also educates her Medford area dental patients on the importance of a healthy lifestyle, including regular exercise and good nutrition!

Regular preventive care visits enable Dr. Parnaik to spot dental problems in their early stages, when conservative treatment is most effective. This is also very important for maintaining oral health and preventing small dental problems from becoming large, complex ones that may lead to other health issues and require complex procedures to correct. Dental cleanings will remove plaque that is deep within the pockets of the gums and not able to be reached with home oral care. Dr. Parnaik and her staff also educate their patients on effective brushing and flossing to help them maintain their oral health between visits.

Dr. Parnaik believes in the connection between the mind and the body, and supports her dental patients in establishing healthy habits that will keep their mouth- and their body- healthy!

Dental Creations offers a warm, inviting atmosphere where patients are welcomed and treated like family- if you are in need of a dental exam and cleaning, contact Dr. Parnaik in Medford to schedule an appointment- dental care will help to ensure life long health!