Technology makes a visit to the dentist less painful! | Dr. Parnaik

At Dental Creations in Medford, NJ, Dr. Poorva Parnaik has incorporated some of the latest in dental technology in order to offer her patients more accurate diagnoses and treatments that are more convenient and often less painful!

Technology has transformed the field of dentistry, offering benefits for both the patient and the doctor that have improved diagnostics and treatments. Dr. Parnaik uses several types of technology in her practice, all of which makes a visit to her office a pleasure!

Using digital x-rays and the Diagnodent laser cavity detection system, preventive care is precise but less invasive. Digital images created are able to be used immediately in evaluating a patient and can also be stored in a permanent record for future use and reference. Diagnodent uses a light laser that is able to detect changes in the tooth surface indicating developing decay, especially in the faceted surface of molars located in the back of the mouth. Finding cavities early can often help prevent the need for more complex procedures to restore oral health.

Dr. Parnaik also uses digital technology to help patients visualize how a procedure will affect the appearance of their smile. “Smile Vision” technology makes it easier for Dr. Parnaik to discuss options with a patient who is faced with the need for restorative dental treatment or who desires a cosmetic change.

Laser dentistry is offered by Dr. Parnaik at Dental Creations. This modern technological advancement has great benefits to offer both the dentist and the patient. Dr. Parnaik is able to perform more precise procedures on the soft tissues of the mouth where traditionally oral surgery would be required. The use of the Waterlase dental laser makes “gum surgery” less painful, more accurate and often does not require the use of anesthesia. All of these benefits mean a faster recovery for the patient along with less bleeding and swelling!

Dr. Parnaik is committed to always offering her dental patients excellent dentistry in the most comfortable and relaxed manner possible. Contact her at Dental Creations in Medford to schedule a consultation and discuss your options.