Virtual Dentistry in Medford, NJ

Making it easy to speak with your trusted dentist.

Why Choose Virtual Dentistry?

Dr. Poorva Parnaik offers the convenience of online dental consultations using teledentistry software. makes it easy for patients to speak with Dr. Parnaik remotely using a smartphone, tablet or computer. Discuss your dental problem or explore treatment options for restorative and cosmetic goals from the comfort of home. is convenient to use and provides benefits for our patients including:

  • Secure & private
  • No downloads or signup needed
  • HIPAA compliant

Frequently Asked Questions

What is virtual dentistry?

Virtual dentistry uses video technology to facilitate a remote consultation with Dr. Parnaik using teledentistry software that is secure and HIPAA compliant.

How much does virtual dentistry cost?

The access to and use of is free for our patients. Dr. Parnaik will charge a consultation fee which is confirmed when scheduling your online dental appointment.

What will my digital dentistry appointment be like?

A virtual dental consultation is similar to a video conference or a facetime call. accesses the camera on your device or computer for a remote, face-to-face conversation.

TeleDentistry: The Future of Online Dental Consultations

The Benefits of Teledentistry

Teledentistry brings the expertise of your trusted dentist Dr. Parnaik to your home or office, reducing the need to travel to our office when discussing a problem or dental treatments we offer. Using Dr. Parnaik can speak with you remotely and make personalized recommendations for your specific needs and goals.

For patients who experience dental anxiety, virtual dentistry can make it easier to candidly talk about the condition of their oral health. Dr. Parnaik can offer advice and educate you on what to expect when you come in for an office visit.

How does a virtual dental consult work?

Setting up a virtual dental appointment with Dr. Parnaik starts with completing our Schedule Appointment form from the link on this page. Our office will be in touch to coordinate a time and take care of the details.

Patients choose virtual dentistry for a wide range of reasons including:

  • Avoiding exposure to germs and illnesses
  • Feeling anxious about visiting the dentist
  • Travel or mobility issues
  • Sudden dental emergency when out of town
  • Seeking a second opinion

Meet Dr. Poorva Parnaik

A Commitment to Your Oral Health & Wellness

Dr. Poorva Parnaik is known for her warm, caring manner and personal approach to each individual patient. Dr. Parnaik has a passion for the role that oral health plays in the overall health and wellness of our patients. She places an emphasis on patient education and communication with the goal of helping you understand not only our dentistry but how and why it benefits your quality of life.

Dr. Parnaik has advanced training in many aspects of dentistry and offers diagnosis and treatment options for complex concerns and aesthetic needs in our Medford dental practice.